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Outdoor Appliances

Looking for a beautiful gas lamp to go beside your front walk or at the end of your driveway?  We are able to supply you with lamps from many different manufacturers.  Whether your budget is large or small, we can help you find just exactly the right lamp to suit your needs.

MHP - HK1A - Available in Black, White or Rustic Iron    MHP - HJ3A - Available in Black or White

HK1A                      HJ3A

The 2 lamps shown above are manufactured by Modern Home Products.  They are of excellent quality for a reasonable price.

          All Cast Aluminum Construction

  • Available in Black or White or Rustic Iron.
  • Non corrosive construction will not rust.
  • Thick-walled cast aluminum provides greater strength,
    durability and finish quality.

 St. James Lighting provides a step up in beauty and style.  Also, each head is available in three sizes so that you can match the size of the head to the size of the house it will be complimenting.  Each light is handmade from copper sheets with much attention to detail.

St James Biloxi Small Wall Mount  St James Quebek with Steel Mount


The top of our line is Legendary Lighting.  Bill Shook, a legend in copper sculpture and design, is one of the few remaining craftsman blending the beauty of copper with the magnetism of the flame. After perfecting the techniques that insure quality and safety, Bill Shook started Legendary Lighting. “The key to success has been absolutely maintaining the highest quality possible while adhering to the strictest safety standards,” says Bill Shook. Legendary Lighting’s distinctive designs are assembled with pride by each craftsmen the company employs in its’ Flowood, Mississippi production facility.


Legendary Apollo post mount copper         Legendary Atlas Post Mount

AO1-P                        AS1-P

These lamps also come in three sizes from small to large and with many different options available.  Please call our friendly staff with your questions about gas yard lamps and for pricing.  We look forward to serving you.