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Residential Propane

Summer Propane Special

New Customer Special:

If you need propane services for heating your home or business or for water heating we have the special for you! Lease a tank from us  for heating or water heating customers. 250 or 325 size tank or tandem 250’s. Installation is $180  and gas checks $45  for new customers.

Propane gas is one of the world’s most versatile fuels. It is safe, clean, reliable, and a good value. Propane’s many uses and its convenience and availability make it the perfect fuel for your home. Like natural gas, you can use propane for many needs – heating your home, cooking, water heating, outdoor grilling and/or patio heaters. No other fuel for heating, cooking, drying your clothes, or heating your water can provide you the comfort, efficiency and affordability of propane.

For reliable, dependable service, no one supplier can be a better choice. With a wide selection of delivery plans and payment plans available, Spalding Gas is the only call you need to make for your propane needs.

New Gas Customer Special – 2019 $48 per year tank rent  for heating customers (water or home)! $48 per year all others unless commercial.

  • Special price hook-up for only $180 – gas piping to home from tank (service fine) for up to 20 feet. Includes regulators,labor, etc.
  • Extra service line at a reduced rate of $8 per ft.** and includes trenching and 2nd stage regulators if needed.
  • Interior gas piping at a reduced rate of $10 per foot (copper tubing) or $9 per foot for hard piping (black pipe). Cutoff, and connectors included as well as labor and sales tax in the per foot price.
  • Tankless or tank water heating, home heating and plumbing services are our specialties.

*To qualify for half price propane the homeowner must use propane for primary heating {space or central heating) and/or primary water heating.
**Extra charge for crossing sidewalks and driveways of $100 and $250 respectively.

Existing Customers Specials- 2019

  • Tankless and tank water heater specials. See Darrell Whatley or Jon Collier
  • Can pre-purchase propane for the season at $2.09 per gallon with 200-gallon minimum purchase.
  • Special gas furnace replacement pricing for propane customers. See Darrell whatley for special pricing. 770/468-4262 or


Click here for a pdf brochure regarding safety for you and your family when living with Propane.

Delivery Plans

Automatic Keep Full Plan:
Your inventory is kept on our computer system by calculating your usage each day and deducting it from the current inventory. We do this by using your past usage history. A fixed usage per day for cooking and water heating appliances is deducted and during colder weather your home heating usage for each day based on that day’s average temperature is also deducted – the colder the day, the more we adjust your inventory. Deliveries are scheduled when it is calculated that your inventory is near 20%.

Julian Plan:
Your delivery is scheduled for a particular day each month. While this is most useful for commercial enterprises with equal and constant usage, some residential users feel more comfortable with this plan.

After Hours Delivery:
Spalding Gas has emergency personnel on call 24 hours a day when the weather would put your family or property at risk due to low temperatures. If you are on the “Will Call Plan” and accidentally run out of fuel, you may call our main office telephone number (770-228-8484) and it will be forwarded to the “on call” delivery person to respond. There is an additional charge for this service unless of course you are an “Automatic Keep Full Plan” or “Julian Plan” customer.

Payment Plans

Open Account:
Charge your delivery amount to your account and we will send you the bill on the 25th of the month. Your balance is due within 30 days of the delivery. To qualify for this payment plan, you must fill out a credit application and be approved.

Budget Payment Plan:
The Budget Payment Plan is an ideal way to help level out your annual expenditures for propane and avoid the need to pay out large amounts in the winter months.

The total estimated dollar amount of your upcoming year’s usage is divided by 12 (the months of the plan if you enter the plan at the beginning, which is May of each year) for a monthly estimated payment. This amount is reviewed a minimum of twice each season to verify your estimate was accurate. Sometimes customers usage will increase (or decrease) significantly due to weather or addition of gas appliances. Also, there can be significant changes in price that require adjustment (prices are not fixed in this plan but fluctuate with the market). Budget Payment sign up letters are normally mailed to each customer in March.

Pre-Purchase Plan:
During the summer months our customers have the opportunity to buy propane that they do not immediately take delivery for. Any amount over 200 gallons is allowed and delivery must be taken during the upcoming winter season (prior to March 31st of the following year). Gallons not delivered by this date can be taken later, but an additional $.04 per gallon charge is billed after March 31.

Cash on Delivery:
Each delivery may be paid when delivered.

Direct Payments: Especially useful for customers using the Budget Pay Plan. You don’t have to remember to send a check in each month because we just debit your checking account for the monthly payment amount. Also useful for Automatic Keep Full customers who want their bill paid automatically so as to keep their deliveries on schedule. Just call Jennifer at 770-228-8484 or e-mail her at to get information or to sign up. It only takes a few minutes and eliminates payment hassles.

Gas Tanks for Sale or Lease

Spalding Gas offers new and reconditioned propane tanks of many sizes for purchase or lease. We have tanks with capacities of 100 gallons to 1000 gallons. Spalding Gas guarantees delivery of leased or purchased tanks within 24 business hours of your call.

Purchase Tanks New Above Ground (AG)
New Under Ground (UG)
Recond AG Recond UG
420 DOT/120 ASME
150 Gallon
250 Gallon
325 Gallon
500 Gallon
1000 Gallon
*All prices include 20% of propane, regulator, 15 feet of service line, installation, and sales tax! Burial fees are NOT included in the UG tank pricing. Please call our office today for all current tank pricing.

A two-stage regulator is $55, a 1st stage regulator is $35, and a 2nd stage regulator is $45. Cap blocks are $2 each. The service line is $8 per foot including labor, and propane is also extra. Sales tax is not included! Burial on underground tanks is also extra.

Tank Only New AG New UG Recond AG Recond UG
420 DOT
150 Gallon
250 Gallo
325 Gallon
500 Gallon
1000 Gallon

All tanks and their prices are subject to availability. Due to the volatile prices of steel world wide and to the prolonged delivery schedules, any tanks that must be ordered are subject to a price different from those quoted above for in-stock tanks.

Extra service line is $8 per foot for propane heating and water heating customers and includes labor and materials. The price for extra service line for non-gas heating or non-water heating customers is $10 per foot.

The fee for tank burial for underground tanks for propane heating and water heating customers is $395 and includes labor, backhoe use and materials. Non propane heating or water heating customers pay $895 for burial.

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. We also reserve the right to correct misprints.

Lease Tanks

Tanks leased for propane heating or water heating receive a special rate of $48 per year rent plus sales tax.

Non-heating customers pay $68 per year rent plus tax. The propane is extra and service line over 15 feet is an additional $8 per foot for labor and materials

Call Darrell Whatley at 770-228-8484 or email for any questions or to place an order.

Tank Specifications

These dimensions are for Quality Steel Corporation tanks and do not necessarily represent the sizes of all manufacturers’ tanks. Please check the tank size you have purchased before digging a hole for your tank. Approximately one foot should be allowed on each side and above for proper burial of a AG/UG tank and two feet above for a UG tank with tall riser.