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Fred Watson

Daryl, just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for a job well done. I know this was a difficult service matter for your folks but you did what asked and did it in a professional, prompt and satisfactory manner. I have done business with Spalding for many years with gas, plumbing, HVAC and more. I am also friends with the Westbury family in Griffin who owns and operates the Brightmoor Nursing facility and My daughter is also a nurse manager that works for them many years. They are also big happy customers of Spalding Gas and the work your folks do.

I just want to point out that my service Rep. (Kenny) did an excellent job. This unit was located on a rooftop with no shade and he worked in 90 + heat without complaint and kept working and coming back till the job was done. He is a positive reflection on your company. He actually has called me back to see if everything is working. You have always been fair in your pricing and just noticed in the quote below your price is less than the original unit cost me over 10 years ago. So thank you for being fair and friendly to the customer.

Often you hear the complaints, but seldom the praise. Jennifer, Kim and your entire staff are always very prompt, courteous and professional. In all these years I have never had a problem with Spalding and your staff.


William Goldsmith


Customer retention is core to successful retail and that only occurs when Customer satisfaction is high encouraging repeat business. Customer satisfaction is comprised of several elements but I would contend that the largest element is interaction with business employees and the support they provide and commitments made.

I have been a Spalding Gas customer for some time (20+ years) and the most recent experience re-enforced why I am a satisfied (read repeat business) customer.

As you may know I arrived home on July 4 after two months of traveling only to find the temperature inside my house was 86F. placed a call into your team (yes it was a holiday) and talked (not voice mail or remote answering service) to a team member. Within an hour a technician (Chris) was onsite evaluating the unit to determine what was the cause of the failure – you would never know that I had pulled him away from his holiday activities!. Several things were identified and tried but result was the same – the compressor had failed and repairs to a 30 year old unit would be costly if even possible.

The next morning placed a call to start the process to replace my compressor-first contact Ashley answers the phone and set the positive tone for the rest of my day (and hopefully hers). Then I started working with Kim Brown on replacement options – Kim stayed focused on making sure I understood the options and associated values as well as highlighting the installation time and after some discussion a replacement unit was selected. The entire interaction was faultless and when was told that Spalding could obtain a unit on Weds and start the installation on Thursday I was shocked – expected that it would be several days before a unit would be available and scheduled for installation (installation time was set for Thursday starting between 9 and 9:30).

Thursday morning the installation team (very polite and courteous) showed up as committed  about 9:20 and after a few logistical questions immediately started the deconstruction/installation. Later in the day a third technician arrived to help with the process. By a little after 5pm had an operational unit and the house was starting to Cool off.

Thursday afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to see Kim Brown show up to check on progress – she indicated that she was in the area but suspect the truth is that it is part of her Commitment to Customer satisfaction

In total – a positive experience and just re-enforced why I use Spalding for my heating and cooling needs. BTW- when talking about this with my team at work they were shocked at
Spalding’s responsiveness-they kept asking – they got you a unit in less than a day and got it installed the next day in the middle of the summer – no way!!

Long rambling email but I want to highlight all the people and processes that were utilized to provide a positive Customer experience that retain me as a Spalding customer.